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About Us

Mohanlal Sahewal Smriti Mahavidhyalya affiliated of Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner and recognized by Government of Rajasthan provides education to empower the students their full potential to achieve excellence in academic and professional worked human resources. Established in the year 2020, Mohanlal sahewal smriti mahavidhyalya carries a vision of molding Administratives for the challenging in Human society. The college focuses on knowledge, enhancement, developing, strategies, leadership, skills, character, innovative, thinking abilities, values, ethics, opportunities, oriented programmes, entrepreneurs and managers in consistence with the requirements of state or nation throughout the program. The BA course provides an education in variety of contexts. It aims to offer education that is accessible to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds, professional and personal circumstance. it offers a rich variety of subjects taught by a wide range of teachers. We accomplish these through a strong curriculum that is up to date on a knowledgeable and dedicated assistant professors, professors and other faculty members. In addition, we offer several meaningful learning experiences and opportunities inside and outside the classroom that enhance your learning and professional preparation.